It’s the content that counts!

Help us with your donation to fill Unsere Kinder- und Jugendklinik
Freiburg with patient-oriented qualities.

Help us to realize the essential qualitative space and sustainability concepts, that combine medical care and architecture to create a “healing and supporting environment”, that foster recovery and development, maintain the health of parents and staff and consider future generations by using resources responsibly.

5,500 m3 of Hope of Recovery, 22,000 m3 of Emotional Security and Care, 1,400 m3 of Anti-Waiting
and more innovative concepts!

If we can realize the construction of this care facility, we will be able on a long term basis to significantly improve the chances of recovery and development for sick children and adolescents from all over the world.

We need your donations to realize the qualitatively valuable concepts we are endeavoring to implement.

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[tg_teaser columns=”one_third” image=”” title=”Upgrowth, Development and Normality” align=”center” link=”upgrowth-development-normality”][/tg_teaser]

[tg_teaser columns=”one_third last” image=”” title=”Emotional Security and Care” align=”center” link=”emotional-security-care”][/tg_teaser]

[tg_teaser columns=”one_third” image=”” title=”Spirituality” align=”center”  link=”spirituality”][/tg_teaser]

[tg_teaser columns=”one_third” image=”” title=”Gathering Strength” align=”center” link=”gathering-strength”][/tg_teaser]

[tg_teaser columns=”one_third last” image=”” title=”Hope of Recovery” align=”center” link=”hope-of-recovery”][/tg_teaser]

[tg_teaser columns=”one_third” image=”” title=”Experts at Work” align=”center”  link=”experts-at-work”][/tg_teaser]

[tg_teaser columns=”one_third” image=”” title=”Self-determination” align=”center” link=”self-determination”][/tg_teaser]

[tg_teaser columns=”one_third last” image=”” title=”More Freedom” align=”center” link=”more-freedom”][/tg_teaser]

[tg_teaser columns=”one_third” image=”” title=”Anti-Waiting” align=”center”  link=”anti-waiting”][/tg_teaser]

[tg_teaser columns=”one_third” image=”” title=”All for One” align=”center” link=”all-for-one”][/tg_teaser]

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